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Raw – Aug 15

Raw – Aug 15

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Raw Results

*Live from Washington, DC.

*The Judgment Day to the ring…they run Raw…the Mysterios aren’t here…Edge isn’t here…while Priest is telling us all the awful things he’s going to do to Edge next week, Rey Mysterio attacks (they lied to us!)…Rey takes out Priest & Balor but loses the upper hand when he hesitates to attack Rhea…Rhea DDTs Rey onto a steel chair…Balor delivers a Coup de Grace with the chair on Rey’s chest.

(1)  Women’s Tag Team Tournament, Rd. 1: Asuka & Alexa Bliss def. Doudrop & Nikki ASH…Asuka gets Doudrop to tap to a modified armbar for the submission win (09:03)…AFTER… Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky meet Asuka, Alexa, & Bianca Belair in front of the ‘tron…refs & agents get between them before things get out of control.

*Theory backstage with Kevin Patrick…Dolph Ziggler interrupts…Theory calls him a has-been…Dolph attacks & their brawl takes out the camera as we go to break.

*Miz & Ciampa backstage with Sarah…not pleased that AJ Styles got involved in the Lashley/Ciampa match last week & got rewarded with a title shot.

(2)  Miz & Ciampa def. Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander…Ali misses a blind tag by Ciampa…Ali attempts a 450 on Miz but runs into a nasty knee from Ciampa…Ciampa follows with the Fairytale Ending for the win (09:32).

*Ezekiel’s family is at his hospital bedside as he recovers from the Kevin Owens apron-bomb.

*Another possible Easter Egg…last week there was a backstage car accident that went unexplained…this week personnel are putting out a trash can fire with an extinguisher as Drew McIntyre walks by.

*Drew McIntyre to the ring…talks about all the potential match ups for when he wins those titles…Kevin Owens interrupts, says Drew is a fake tough guy, but KO is as real as it gets in this business…it’s time to bring back the prize fighter…he hasn’t held a title in 5 years…well ENOUGH IS ENOUGH & IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE…KO puts every champ on notice…Drew says enough talk, let’s wrestle…break…

(3)  Drew McIntyre def. Kevin Owens by DQ…as McIntyre sets up for the Claymore, the Usos attack Drew causing the DQ (14:51)…AFTER…McIntyre fights off the Usos but Owens hits him with a Stunner…KO tells the Usos that the Tribal Chief owes him one…Usos go after McIntyre again, but Jey gets a Glasgow Kiss & Jimmy eats a Claymore…Drew sends the Usos back to the boss with a message, too…Drew will see him on SmackDown.

*Seth Rollins to the ring…he anticipates Riddle’s message will be a retirement announcement…Riddle interrupts via the ‘tron…he’s medically cleared & he’s in the building…Riddle sprints to the ring & the fight is on…Rollins eventually bails through the crowd…after the commercial, Kevin Patrick approaches Riddle backstage…Riddle challenges Rollins for a match at Clash at the Castle.

(4)  Veer Mahaan def. Beaux Keller…Veer uses the Cervical Clutch for the submission win (01:52).

*Dakota Kai (with Bayley & Iyo Sky) backstage with Sarah…Dakota spots Dana Brooke nearby & approaches to ask her if she’s ready…Dana says she’s ready 24/7.

(5)  Bobby Lashley def. AJ Styles…retains his United States Championship…around the 10 minute mark, Miz & Ciampa make their way ringside…as the fight goes to the floor, Dexter Lumis jumps the guardrail & immediately gets mobbed by security…AJ misses with the Phenomenal Forearm & Lashley counters with a Spear for the win (19:57).

(6)  Dakota Kai def. Dana Brooke…Dakota delivers a Kai-O Kick to Dana’s face for the win (02:21).

(7)  Theory def. Dolph Ziggler…Theory catches Ziggler mid-air attempting a Fame-Asser & transitions into A-Town Down for the win (16:12).


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Aug. 22, 2022 – Toronto, ON.

+ Edge vs. Damian Priest

+ Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs. Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky – Women’s Tag Title Tournament, Rd. 2


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