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NXT 2.0 – July 12

NXT 2.0 – July 12

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Roxanne Perez has been jumped in the parking lot & Cora Jade has called for help.

(1)  Giovanni Vinci def. Apollo CrewsXyon Quinn hops out of the crowd & attacks Apollo on the floor…then rolls him back in for a Revolution Last Ride by Vinci for the win (12:09).

*Cora Jade backstage with McKenzie…she didn’t see Roxy get attacked, but it has Toxic Attraction written all over it.

*Tiffany Stratton gets her nails done…still talking trash about Wendy Choo …that was really informative.

*Cameron Grimes to the ring…had a rough month…lost the North American title, lost a chance at the NXT title…but I guess that’s life…JD McDonagh out to verbally kick Grimes while he’s down…the Irish Ace takes a cheap shot & bails.

*Creeds & Damon Kemp watching film of their match…Kemp would love to “run it back”…Creeds leave, Roderick Strong arrives…he blames Kemp for the loss & plans to teach him a lesson next week.

*Grayson Waller backstage with McKenzie…says Wes Lee cost him the North American Championship.

(2)  Tatum Paxley def. Kayden Carter…Paxley gets some encouragement when Ivy Nile comes to ringside…Carter pulls Paxley off the ropes, but Paxley leaps into a Guillotine & uses it to Roll Up Carter for the win (03:31).

*Joe Gacy backstage promo…says the Dyad finally feel comfortable enough to show their true selves…all will be revealed next week.

*Duke Hudson is still pissed about Sanga’s cannonball into the pool last week…Sanga suggests they fight about it tonight…Hudson agrees.

*Pretty Deadly cause trouble in Briggs & Jensen’s favorite bar over those NXT UK Tag Titles…Fallon Henley suggests they settle things in the ring next week.

(3)  Sanga def. Duke Hudson…Sanga delivers a Chokeslam for the win (03:03).

*Von Wagner backstage promo…about to find out how tough Solo Sikoa really is.

*Toxic Attraction backstage with McKenzie…they claim innocence in the attack on Roxy…Mandy says that when you’re a champion, things just fall into place.

(4)  Solo Sikoa vs. Von Wagner ends in DOUBLE COUNTOUT…when they fight to the floor & ignore the ref’s 10 count in favor of continuing to beat on each other (10:27)…and they continue their brawl to the backstage area.

*Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams celebrate on the town with some ladies…then in the penthouse with champagne in the hot tub.

*Lash Legend backstage promo…compares her dribbling skills to what she’s about to do to Indi Hartwell…as the basketball rolls away, it is stopped by someone off screen holding a baseball bat…but who could it be?!

*Chase University took a field trip to London & saw the sights.

(5)  Indi Hartwell def. Lash Legend…a distraction by Alba Fyre allows Indi to hit a spinebuster…Indi completely botches the follow up Pretty Savage, allowing Legend to roll her up…but Indi reverses the Roll Up for the win (03:45)…AFTER…Fyre chases Legend off with her bat.

*Von Wagner & Solo Sikoa are still fighting through the backstage area.

*D’Angelo Family backstage with McKenzie…Elektra Lopez claims innocence in the attack on Roxy…Tony, Stacks, Wilde, & Del Toro head to the ring.

*Von Wagner & Solo Sikoa have now brawled out to the parking lot…Sofia Cromwell finally soothes the savage beast & gets Wagner to calm down…but when Mr. Stone gets in Sikoa’s faces to inform him, “this is not over”…he gets tossed into the dumpster.

(6)  Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo def. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade…Tony hits the spinning Fisherman’s Buster on Blade for the win (05:23)…AFTER…Tony instructs Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro to put the boots to Blade…they oblige.

*Nikkita Lyons backstage with McKenzie…she didn’t jump Roxy either…but she’ll gladly fill the spot against Mandy if Roxy can’t go.

*Axiom escaped from reality as a kid through comic books…wanted to be a Super Hero…so he remains anonymous (they put a Lucha mask on him)…he debuts next week.

*Toxic Attraction to the ring…Mandy says Roxy isn’t woman enough to challenge her…Cora Jade interrupts, she’ll step in for Roxy…Roxanne Perez out with her ribs all wrapped up…she’s gonna go.

(7)  Mandy Rose def. Roxanne Perez…retains her NXT Women’s Championship…Roxy hits PopRox on the floor…as she rolls Mandy back in, Toxic Attraction get the ref’s attention on the far side of the ring, allowing Cora Jade to blast Roxy’s injured ribs with her tag title belt…Mandy hits a running knee for the win (09:18)…AFTER…Cora calls Roxy selfish & “breaks” her skateboard over Roxy…Cora claims she “made” Roxy.


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – July 19, 2022

+ Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen (c) vs. Pretty Deadly – for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

+ JD McDonagh vs. Cameron Grimes

+ Axiom makes his debut

+ The Dyad Reveal Themselves


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