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Raw – July 11

Raw – July 11

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Raw Results

*Live from San Antonio, TX.

*Brock Lesnar to the ring…pigs get fat & hogs get slaughtered…at SummerSlam, Roman will be the Tribal Hog…Paul Heyman interrupts, says he’ll make sure Roman is ready for Brock’s brutality…Theory interrupts, reiterates his cash-in plans at Summerslam…Brock invites Theory to the ring…Theory is still pissed about Lesnar’s treatment of him inside Elimination Chamber…Chad Gable & Otis come through the crowd from behind Brock…Lesnar quickly clears them from the ring, then heads to the floor & attacks the Alphas with part of the ring steps…then a chair…Otis gets an F-5 through the announce desk.

*Finn Balor & Damian Priest offer Dominik Mysterio to join the Judgment Day, since Rey has nothing left to offer…Rey takes a swing at Balor…Priest pulls Balor out to safety.

(1)  Finn Balor def. Rey Mysterio…Balor hits the Coup de Gras for the win (>10:10…match started during commercial)…AFTER…Balor & Priest continue talking to Dom as he checks on Rey.

*Becky Lynch stands on the announce desk…she demands a championship match at SummerSlam…Bianca Belair out for her match…Becky talks trash from ringside.

(2)  Carmella def. Bianca Belair by COUNTOUT…but does not claim the Raw Women’s Championship…they fight to the floor…Becky Lynch distracts Bianca & keeps her from beating the 10 count (11:49)…AFTER…irritated Bianca delivers a KOD to Mella.

*Edge vignette from Money in the Bank replays…nothing new.

*Miz & Ciampa to the ring for MizTV…Logan Paul (via social media) says he’s still coming for Miz at SummerSlam…Miz gives Paul one more chance to back out…AJ Styles to the ring, says Miz is a coward…with tiny balls…Ezekiel out to introduce himself to Styles…says Elias agreed about Miz’s tiny balls…& Zeke got Adam Pearce to make a tag match.

(3)  AJ Styles & Ezekiel def. Miz & Ciampa by DQ…Ciampa saves Miz from a calf-crusher, then moves into full mount & the ref calls for the bell because Ciampa is not the legal man (>11:37…match started during commercial)…AFTER…Ciampa takes a Phenomenal Forearm to the floor as Miz runs away like a tiny-balled coward.

*Riddle & Bobby Lashley chatting backstage…nonsense from Riddle…he seems to be angling for a new best friend.

(4)  Alexa Bliss & Asuka def. Doudrop & Nikki ASH…Doudrop & Asuka fight to the floor…Alexa hits the Kickback DDT on Nikki for the win (04:13).

*R-Truth interrupts the Usos & Street Profits’ pre-match jaw-jacking…says he’s a Certified Tag Team Counselor…when that doesn’t impress anyone, he reveals his referee shirt & certification…applies to be the ref for their SummerSlam match…MVP interrupts, suggests Omos be the SummerSlam ref…or just join this fun & make a  6-man tag match.

(5)  Usos & Omos def. Street Profits & R-Truth…Omos Chokebombs Dawkins for the win (11:32).

*Seth Rollins backstage with Kevin Patrick…says Riddle is playing with fire by messing with him…Theory interrupts, looking for some MitB knowledge from the man with the greatest cash in ever…they walk off together.

*Edge vignette…now he walks past RKO & U Can’t See Me t-shirts…then begins writing on a wall with blood/red paint from a gold chalice.

*Logan Paul is coming to Raw next week.

(6)  Riddle & Bobby Lashley def. Seth Rollins & Theory…as we go to commercial, Dolph Ziggler heads to ringside…Lashley Spears Rollins through the timekeeper’s barricade…Ziggler knocks Theory’s feet off the ropes to break a cover on Riddle…Riddle hits the RKO on Theory for the win (13:46)…AFTER…Ziggler slides into the ring & delivers a Superkick to Theory as the show ends.


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+ Pat McAfee vs. Happy Corbin


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