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Rampage – Sep 23

Rampage – Sep 23

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Rampage Results

*Grand Slam emanates from Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY.

(1)  Sting & Darby Allin def. Brody King & Buddy Matthews…in a NO DQ MATCH…Sting & Darby attack during the House of Black entrance & the match starts on the ramp…Brody shoves Sting off the buckles & through a table to the floor…Julia Hart produces handcuffs that are used to incapacitate Sting…Darby is dragged to the stage for a 2-on-1 but manages a Coffin Drop off the tunnel to Matthews…Brody & Darby fall off the stage & through a table…Matthews sets Sting in a chair & grabs his bat…LIGHTS OUT…Great Muta appears…Muta mists Matthews, Matthews bumps Hart off the apron & through a table…Sting breaks the cuffs & hits Matthews with a Scorpion Death Drop for the win (13:00)…AFTER…Sting & Muta share a hug.

(2)  Hook & Action Bronson def. Matt Menard & Angelo Parker…Hook & Parker are legal but all 4 men are in the ring as stereo redruM leads to double taps for the submission win (05:09).

(3)  Wardlow & Samoa Joe def. Tony Nese & Josh Woods…Wardlow clotheslines Woods over the top rope & both men fall to the floor…Wardlow looks like he hurt his leg in the fall…Joe catches Nese’s corner charge & plants him with a Uranage…Muscle Buster on Nese for the win (02:24)…AFTER…Nese & Woods gang up on Joe…Wardlow limps in to make the save…sets up Woods for a powerbomb but Mark Sterling blasts Wardlow in the back with the TNT belt…it does nothing but piss Wardlow off…Sterling takes a trifecta of Powerbombs to the delight if the crowd.

(4)  Jungle Boy def. Rey Fenix…Fenix pulls Jungle Boy off the top buckle in position for the Black Fire Driver but Jungle Boy escapes & counters into an Inside Cradle for the Roll Up win (18:40)…AFTER…Jack & Fenix share a handshake…Christian makes his way out to the stage…Luchasaurus attacks Jungle Jack from behind & drops him with a Burning Hammer…Christian warns Jungle Boy not to return & orders Luchasaurus to “end him”…he does so with a Chokeslam.

*Chris Jericho footage from backstage at Dynamite with Marves, celebrating “The Ocho” with the Jericho Appreciation Society…there will be a celebration next week in Philly…Daniel Garcia needs to tell Chris something…Jericho tells him to save it for next week.

(5)  Eddie Kingston def. Sammy Guevara…Kingston delivers three consecutive Spinning Backfists & locks the Stretch Plum on an unconscious Sammy…the ref calls for the bell & the submission win for Kingston (08:11)…AFTER…Kingston refuses to release…Jerry Lynn & a Security team down to get Kingston to let go of Sammy…Referee Paul Turner reverses his decision…to a DISQUALIFICATION win for Sammy Guevara…I guess.

(6)  Jade Cargill def. Diamante…retains her TBS Championship…Diamante attempts a cross body from the 2nd buckle to the floor…Jade catches her, stumbles, hurts her leg, but F-5’s Diamante onto the apron’s edge…back in…Jaded for the win (02:36)…AFTER…Trina (I still don’t know who she is or why she’s here, but she accompanied Diamante to the ring) picks Diamante up & pie-faces her back down…then shakes hands with Jade.

(7)  Hangman Adam Page wins THE GOLDEN TICKET BATTLE ROYALE…Hangman gets jumped on the ramp by Rush, Butcher, & Blade as we go to break…bell rings upon return…don’t bother introducing or even naming everyone in what turned out to be a 20 (maybe 25) man event…but there was a Brian Cage sighting!…oh, & there’s Dalton Castle, too…FINAL FOUR: Penta, Jay Lethal, Rush, Hangman…Lethal eliminates Penta…Hangman eliminates Lethal…Hangman & Rush battle on the apron’s edge…Hangman hits Dead Eye & Rush falls to the floor giving Hangman the win (13:48)…as a result, Hangman will get a shot at the AEW World Champion on a Special Tuesday Dynamite from Cincinnati, Ohio on October, 18.

*Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks split screen interview with Mark Henry…IT’S TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT!

(8)  Ricky Starks def. Powerhouse Hobbs…in a LIGHTS OUT MATCH…Starks Spears Hobbs through a table leaned in the corner…Starks clobbers Hobbs with a piece of the set that Hobbs ripped off the entrance tunnel…Stark gets Hobbs up & delivers the Rochambeau for the win (12:19).


AEW DYNAMITE PREVIEW – Sep. 28, 2022 – Philadelphia, PA.

+ Jericho Appreciation Society Celebrates Chris Jericho’s 8th World Championship

+ Jon Moxley (c) vs. Juice Robinson – AEW World Title Eliminator

+ We hear from MJF

+ We hear from Saraya


AEW DYNAMITE PREVIEW – **TUESDAY SPECIAL** Oct. 18, 2022 – Cincinnati, OH.

+ Hangman Adam Page gets his shot at the AEW World Championship


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