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Raw – Sep 26

Raw – Sep 26

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Raw Results

*Live from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

*Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, & Asuka to the ring…Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky interrupt…blah, blah, I’m better than you…girl, uh-uh…repeat…Bayley decides she wants a ladder match at Extreme Rules…Bianca quickly accepts.

*Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa arrive in style as we come back from break.

(1)  Bianca Belair def. Iyo Sky…Iyo slingshots from the apron to the top rope & attempts a jumping attack but Bianca ducks under & quickly scoops Iyo up from behind & delivers the KOD for the win (18:46).

*Rey Mysterio backstage with Kevin Patrick…Rey won’t fight Dominik under any circumstances, but he admits he didn’t recognize the man standing in front of him last week…but tonight he has to focus on Seth Rollins because he knows what a savage Seth is.

*Miz has hired a special, highly trained security force…THEY ARE MIZ FORCE!

(2)  Seth Rollins def. Rey Mysterio…around the 6 minute mark Dominik Mysterio comes to ringside with a steel chair…Dom walks past Rey & Seth and has a seat near the announce desk…as the fight goes to the floor, Dom again drops the chair at Rey’s feet & begs his dad to hit him, but it’s a distraction to allow Rhea Ripley to drop Rey from behind…Dom tosses Rey back in for Seth to hit the Stomp…Seth follows with a Peruvian Necktie…Rey is already out cold, so the ref calls for the bell & the submission win (>19:39…started during commercial).

*Bobby Lashley approaches Matt Riddle backstage…he wishes Riddle good luck against Seth, but also warns him never to get involved in one of his matches again.

(3)  Kevin Owens & Johnny Gargano def. Alpha Academy…KO puts Otis through the announce desk with an elbow drop from the barricade…around the 13 minute mark, Austin Theory appears at ringside & distracts Gargano…Gable nearly gets the win with the ensuing cliffhanger DDT, but Gargano kicks at 2…Gable rolls Gargano to the floor where Theory takes a swipe with the Money in the Bank case but misses & eats a superkick…Gargano & Gable strike & counter as Gargano climbs back to the apron’s edge…Gargano re-enters with the One Final Beat for the win (13:35).

*AJ Styles is approached backstage by Kevin Patrick…Finn Balor interrupts, tries again to convince AJ to join…Finn offers to watch AJ’s back against Sami…again AJ declines.

*Austin Theory rips into the Alpha Academy for failing…Chad Gable says Otis hasn’t been 100% since tangling with that “2-ton doofus” Strowman…Theory’s phone rings…it’s Braun Strowman for Gable…he challenges Gable to a match next Monday in Chad’s hometown of St. Paul, MN.

(4)  Omos def. Greg Lester & Joey Gibson…Graves nicknames these two the “Maple Syrup Kid” & the “Ultimate Hoser”…both men get Chokebombed & the match ends with Omos’ foot on the chest of the Ultimate Hoser (because he was wearing the brighter colors) for the win (01:36)…AFTER…Omos stacks his two victims on the announce desk & stands over them victoriously…and the crowd goes mild.

*Miz is walking around backstage & finds that Miz Force has been completely taken out…as he begins to panic in front of the Oilers’ jersey case, the Grant Fuhr mannequin comes to life…of course, it’s Dexter Lumis…Lumis breaks a hockey stick over Miz’s back, sits down on the floor, & Silences him…before stroking Miz’s face & hair gently in his lap.

(5)  Candice LeRae def. Nikki ASH…Candice climbs the buckles but Nikki meets her there…they struggle for a moment before Candice delivers an Avalanche Swinging Neckbreaker for the win (01:44).

*The Judgment Day approached backstage by Kevin Patrick…Priest says he won’t go easy on his former friend Matt Riddle tonight.

(6)  Sami Zayn def. AJ Styles…after 21 minutes of a great back & forth match, Solo Sikoa grabs AJ when he spills out to the floor as Sami gets the ref to turn his back…Sikoa delivers a Uranage on the apron’s edge & rolls AJ back in for Sami to hit the Helluva Kick for the win (21:38)…AFTER…The Judgment Day make their way to the ring…Finn gives it one more try…offers a “Too Sweet”…AJ counters with a bird & the 4-on-1 beating is on…Dom passes Finn a chair & they set it up around AJ’s neck…Finn stops at the last second & doesn’t stomp on it…he tells AJ again that he’s his friend.

*Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, & Asuka chatting backstage…Candice LeRae approaches & says she hopes Bianca shuts Bayley up at Extreme Rules…Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky interrupt…Bayley doesn’t appreciate Candice’s opinion…Candice is ready for a fight with Dakota…Bayley says that will have to wait until next week.

(7)  Matt Riddle def. Damian Priest…Priest gets Riddle up on his shoulders but Riddle manages to throw him off balance enough to counter into a Spladle for the Roll Up win (19:26)…AFTER…Judgment Day immediately in for the 4-on-1…Edge returns to make the save…Spear for Priest…Rhea pulls Dom to safety…Balor takes a Spear…Edge challenges Finn Balor to an “I Quit” match at Extreme Rules.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Oct. 3, 2022 – St. Paul, MN.

+ Braun Strowman vs. Chad Gable

+ Johnny Gargano vs. Otis

+ Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai (discussed but not made official)


WWE  EXTREME RULES PREVIEW – Sat., Oct. 8, 2022 – Philadelphia, PA.

+ Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey – Extreme Rules Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

+ Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley – Ladder Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

+ Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle – Fight Pit Match

+ Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross – in a Strap Match


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