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Raw – May 2

Raw – May 2

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Raw Results

*Live from Greensboro, NC.

*Roman Reigns (& the Bloodline) to the ring…Riddle & Orton drop the Usos with simultaneous RKOs, then gesture to the back & Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring…it quickly devolved into mayhem…refs & agents flood the ring as we go to break.

*Ezekiel introduces himself to the Street Profits backstage…Kevin Owens & Alpha Academy interrupt…some unpleasant words are exchanged & it leads to…

(1)  Kevin Owens & Alpha Academy defeat Ezekiel & Street Profits…KO trips Ezekiel from outside, allowing Chad to roll into a cradle on Ezekiel for the Roll Up win (09:30).

*AJ Styles backstage with Kevin Patrick…if he beats Damian Priest tonight, Priest is barred from ringside for AJ’s match with Edge at Backlash.

*Sonya Deville is informed by Adam Pearce that “upper management” wasn’t pleased with her antics last week…so she is booked to wrestle again tonight, with no executive privileges…it will be Sonya, Rhea Ripley, & Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan, Asuka, & Bianca Belair.

(2)  Veer Mahaan defeats Bert Hansen…Mahaan sinks in the Cervical Clutch for the submission win (01:31)…AFTER…Mahaan reapplies the submission, entangled in the ropes…leaving his opponent unconscious when he finally chooses to release the hold.

*Edge is enjoying some cheap heat from the “lemmings” in Greensboro when AJ’s music hits…

(3)  AJ Styles defeats Damian PriestEdge on the apron distracts AJ long enough to save Priest from the calf-crusher but moments later AJ Rolls Up Priest for the win (11:04)…as a result, Priest will be banned from ringside for the AJ vs. Edge match at Backlash…AFTER…an infuriated Edge joins in to doubleteam AJ…Finn Balor races down to make the save & run off Judgment Day.

*Cedric Alexander approaches MVP & Omos backstage…Cedric wants to show MVP what he can do (looking to renew their business arrangement), so he booked himself against Bobby Lashley tonight…MVP promises to watch.

*Happy 50th Birthday to the Rock…with a plethora of social media well wishes.

*MizTV…with guest, Mustafa Ali…Miz antagonizes Ali by cutting off his music, calling him “Moost” & handing him a dead mic…Theory to the ring…says Ali gets a Championship Contender’s Match tonight against Theory & Miz.

(4)  Theory & Miz defeat Mustafa Ali…in a CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER’S HANDICAP MATCH…Ali fights Theory off his leg while on the apron’s edge, but as he climbs back in he’s met with a Skull-Crushing Finale for the win (>02:50…match started during commercial)…AFTER…Tommaso Ciampa attacks Ali again.

*Dana Brooke is very upset with Reggie & R-Truth for ruining the post-nuptials by trying to steal the 24/7 title…Tamina is pissed at Tozawa for failing to help her get the24/7 title…Nikki ASH interrupts with a Flying Double AxeHandle to the back of Dana & covers her to become the NEW 24/7 Champion…if Reggie wants to save his marriage, he has to get Dana a rematch tonight.

(5)  Dana Brooke defeats Nikki ASH…to become the NEW 24/7 Champion…Dana uses a tumbling Neckbreaker for the win (01:19)…AFTER…Tozawa & R-Truth attempt to get the title but Reggie helps Dana escape…then Reggie goes for a roll up in the aisle that is unsuccessful…but is the last straw in getting Dana to demand a divorce.

*Becky Lynch backstage with Kevin Patrick…Becky’s comeback starts with ending Asuka.

*Seth Rollins Appreciation Night kicks off the final hour…Seth is not pleased when a “Cody” chant breaks out…he’s even less pleased when he throws to a highlight package & instead Cody’s music plays & Cody Rhodes heads to the ring…Seth says Dusty wasn’t good enough to be champion & as long as Rollins is here, Cody isn’t either…the fight is on…Rollins suffers a Cody Cutter, then quickly rolls out to safety.

(6)  Bobby Lashley defeats Cedric Alexander…Lashley listens to MVP tease him throughout the match about what awaits him on Sunday when he faces Omos…Lashley hits a Spear & follows with the Hurt Lock for the submission win (02:35)…as MVP & Omos watch from in front of the ‘tron.

*Liv Morgan backstage with Sarah…Liv’s done taking the blame for the failures of her team with Rhea Ripley.

*Reggie & R-Truth commiserate backstage about love & loss…Truth offers his services as a divorce lawyer…nearby, Nikki ASH is melancholy about her 24/7 loss when Doudrop approaches & asks if Nikki’s done playing around & ready to get serious…Nikki says yes!

(5)  Liv Morgan, Asuka, & Bianca Belair defeat Sonya Deville, Rhea Ripley, & Becky Lynch…in a 6-WOMAN TAG MATCH…Sony tries to pin Liv with her feet on the ropes but the ref sees & won’t count…Bianca eventually knocks Sonya’s feet off the ropes…while Sonya barks at Bianca on the floor, Liv hits the ob-LIV-ion on Sonya for the win (15:15).


WWE RAW PREVIEW – May 9, 2022

+ no matches announced



+ Roman Reigns & the Usos vs. Drew McIntyre & RK-Bro – 6 Man Tag Match

+ Charlotte (c) vs. Ronda Rousey – SmackDown Women’s Championship “I Quit” Match

+ Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

+ Omos vs. Bobby Lashley

+ Edge vs. AJ Styles (Damian Priest barred from ringside)

+ Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin


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