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Smackdown – April 29

Smackdown – April 29

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Smackdown Results

*Emanating from Albany, NY.

(1)  Drew McIntyre defeats Sami Zayn…in a STEEL CAGE MATCH…with Drew Gulak as timekeeper, continuing to diversify his worth within WWE…after pulling Sami back up over the side of the cage by his hair, McIntyre hits a Claymore for the win (10:26).

*Charlotte backstage with Kayla…says she’s better than Ronda at everything.

*Happy Talk…Corbin says he made Moss & now he will destroy him…plans to start by taking a sledgehammer to the Andre Trophy…but Madcap Moss is disguised as a porter & attacks Corbin, saves the trophy.

(2)  Ricochet defeats Shanky…retains his Intercontinental Championship…Ricochet escapes a fireman’s carry & Rolls Up Shanky with a high stack for the win (03:26)…AFTER…Jinder Mahal screams at Shanky…Shanky barks back & walks off alone.

(3)  Raquel Rodriguez defeats Cat Cardoza…Raquel catches Cat’s leg on an attempted bicycle kick & transitions into the Chingona Bomb for the win (02:02).

*Ludwig Kaiser & Gunther promo…respect will be taken by the Ring General.

*RK-Bro & the Usos to the ring for the tag title unification contract signing with Adam Pearce…quickly devolves into fisticuffs…bringing Roman Reigns out…Drew McIntyre down to even things out, runs through the cousins & starts throwing hands with the Tribal Chief…Drew with a big overhead throw of Roman…Roman rolls out & heads up the aisle.

*Paul Heyman visits Adam Pearce in his office after the break…Roman is not pleased about what just happened…Heyman proposes adding Drew & Roman to make a 6-man tag…Pearce balks at canceling the title unification…Heyman advises against depriving the Universe of a match involving Roman.

(4)  Naomi defeats Shayna Baszler…Naomi uses a roll under reversal to escape a German suplex & sends Shayna face first into a turnbuckle pad…then Rolls Up Shayna for the win (02:28)…AFTER…Natalya immediately attacks…Sasha Banks tries to make the save but tag champs take a beating from the submission specialists.

*Sheamus & Ridge Holland backstage…they still can’t find Butch since he wandered off after last week’s match, but they’ve papered the arena with posters to help locate him.

*Announcement: the commentary team informs us that the 6-man tag match has been booked for Backlash…Roman Reigns & the Usos vs. Drew McIntyre & RK-Bro.

(5)  Xavier Woods defeats Ridge Holland…Woods reverses a Powerbomb attempt into BackWoods for the Roll Up win (08:29)…AFTER…a furious Sheamus wants to show Holland how it’s done, challenges Kofi Kingston as we go to commercial.

(6)  Sheamus defeats Kofi Kingston…Sheamus catches Kofi coming off the top buckle & lands a jumping knee…follows with the Brogue Kick for the win (>03:15…match started during commercial)…AFTER…Sheamus sets up a table…Ridge Holland powerbombs Xavier Woods through it.

*Lacey Evans & her horrible childhood, Chapter 4.

(7)  Ronda Rousey defeats Shotzi…in an I QUIT/BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE…Rousey uses an Ankle Lock for the submission win (01:41)…AFTER…Charlotte into the ring with a mic to congratulate Ronda & call out her own opponent for tonight, Aliyah.

(8)  Charlotte defeats Aliyah…in an I QUIT/BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE…Charlotte applies the Figure-8 for the submission win (01:44)…but fails to beat Ronda’s time…AFTER…Ronda heads back up the aisle slapping hands with fans as she heads backstage…Charlotte decides it’s all Drew Gulak’s fault & delivers a big boot to the face at ringside…then drags him into the ring & smashes him with the ring bell.


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – May 6, 2022

+ New Day vs. Sheamus & Ridge Holland – in a Tables Match

+ Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler



+ Roman Reigns & the Usos vs. Drew McIntyre & RK-Bro – 6 Man Tag Match

+ Charlotte (c) vs. Ronda Rousey – SmackDown Women’s Championship “I Quit” Match

+ Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

+ Omos vs. Bobby Lashley


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