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Raw – Sep 12

Raw – Sep 12

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Raw Results

*Live from Portland, OR.

*Seth Rollins to the ring…he’s not interested in a rematch with Riddle…Riddle sprints to the ring & the fight is on…they fight into & back out of the crowd…Rollins heads backstage, but as Riddle heads up the aisle after him the Judgment Day appear…Finn Balor & Damian Priest ask Riddle to join…Riddle declines, he’s focused on Rollins…Balor makes it clear, he’s either with them or in the way…fist fly again as we go to commercial…

(1)  Finn Balor def. Matt Riddle…after multiple instances of interference from Damian Priest at ringside, Rey Mysterio attacks Priest & they fight through the audience & out of view…Riddle catches Balor with the Draping DDT & prepares for the RKO…but he sees Seth Rollins racing to ringside & cuts him off on the apron…Rollins is in position for the Draping DDT when Balor grabs Riddle from behind & hits the 1916 Inverted DDT…Balor follows with the Coupe de Grace for the win (>14:28…started during commercial)…AFTER…Rollins delivers a Stomp to Riddle.

*Damage Control (Bayley/Kai/Sky) backstage with Sarah…Bayley is jacked up about the ending of the first title match…Dakota calms Bayley down, she’s focused…Sky shares some words of wisdom…I think, it’s in Japanese.

*Dominik Mysterio promo…Edge got what he deserved at Clash & tonight Dom will finish the job…his father Rey is a tiny man, but casts a big shadow…but Dom’s done living under it…Rhea Ripley appears from the shadows, whispers in Dom’s ear…Dom says he’s not Rey’s baby boy anymore.

*Austin Theory backstage…says he knows Johnny Gargano’s first opponent…Chad Gable joins Theory…says he’s going to turn Johnny Wrestling into Johnny Shooosh!

(2)  Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky def. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah…to become the NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions…Aliyah hits a Springboard Facebuster on Dakota but Bayley puts Dakota’s foot on the ropes…as Raquel walks down Bayley, she’s taken out by an Iyo Sky Moonsault to the floor…Dakota hits what I can only describe as a Canadian Destroyer Backstabber on Aliyah for the win (13:04).

*Rey Mysterio tries to talk Dominik Mysterio out of his match with Edge…Dom won’t even look at Rey…Rhea Ripley interrupts to remind Rey that Dom’s not his little boy anymore.

(3)  Johhnny Gargano def. Chad Gable…Gargano fights off interference from Otis with a Superkick from the apron…Gargano hits a jumping Enziguiri on Gable & follows with One Final Beat for the win (13:50)…AFTER…Gargano avoids a post-match attack from Otis & rolls out…as he’s backing up the aisle, Austin Theory blasts him with the Money in the Bank case & grabs some selfies as we go to break.

*Austin Theory in the ring…Kevin Owens interrupts, reminds him he’s the hand-picked future in the vision of someone who’s no longer in charge…when attempting to talk sense doesn’t work, KO slaps Theory & the brawl is on…refs & agents have to pull them apart multiple times & Theory leaves with a bloodied nose.

*Bianca Belair to the ring…she stays ready…blah, blah, blah…open challenge…answered by Sonya Deville

(4)  Bianca Belair def. Sonya Deville…retains her Raw Women’s Championship…Bianca uses a slow motion Sliced Bread to flip out of a Sonya submission & follows with the KOD for the win (11:28)…AFTER…Bayley out to remind Bianca that she was the 1st person to pin her in over 300 days & did so after a year off…Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky sneak out & surround Bianca…it’s a 3-on-1 until Asuka & Alexa Bliss race down for the save…Bianca delivers what I guess you would have to call a Spinebuster to Bayley to end the segment.

(5)  Omos def. Ryan Toombs & Khash Marazi…Omos with 2 Chokebombs & a stacked pin with a foot on the chest for the win (01:42).

*Rey Mysterio approaches Edge in the locker room, still trying to get Dom out of this match…Edge says Dom needs to pay for his actions & it’s better that he’s the one to handle it.

*Seth Rollins backstage with Kevin Patrick…Seth says Riddle shouldn’t have tested “the face” of Monday Night Raw…Bobby Lashley interrupts, offended that Seth thinks he’s the face of Raw without any gold…Seth says he’ll be glad to take Lashley’s gold next week.

*Miz with a special “at home” interview…we all know where this is going…Miz throws the camera crew out at the mention of Lumis…after Miz leaves, Dexter Lumis is seen inside the house…he’s drawing Miz a lovely picture.

(6)  Edge def. Dominik Mysterio via DISQUALIFICATION…less than 4 minute in Rhea Ripley chops at Edge’s previously-injured knee behind the ref’s back & Dom takes control…at the 14 minute mark Edge has Dom tied up in the ropes & Rey Mysterio slides in to beg Edge for mercy for Dom…Edge has to shove Rey off…Damian Priest appears at ringside & pulls Rey out of the ring…Finn Balor slides in & attacks Edge, causing the DQ (14:17)…AFTER…Judgment Day punish Edge & Rey…Dom works on Edge’s knee with a chair…Balor with another Coupe de Grace to Edge’s leg, this time propped up on the chair for maximum damage…Judgment Day end the show with all their arms in the air.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Sep. 19, 2022

+ Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory

+ Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Seth Rollins – for the United States Championship (challenge issued & accepted, but never announced as official)


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