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ROH Death Before Dishonor – July 23

ROH Death Before Dishonor Results – July 23

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ROH Death Before Dishonor Results

*Live from the Tsongas Center in Lowell, MA.

(Zero Hour – 1)  Colt Cabana def. Anthony Henry…Cabana handles JD Drake’s attempted interference by running Henry into him…Cabana lands a beautiful Moonsault for the win (09:57).

(ZH-2)  Trustbusters def. Shinobi Shadow Squad…Daivari hits a Frogsplash on Isom for the win (05:32).

*Prince Nana backstage with Lexi…he has bought the members of Tully Blanchard Enterprises & will accompany them to the ring tonight.

(ZH-3)  Embassy (Brian Cage & Gates of Agony) def. Tony Deppen, Alex Zayne, & Blake Christian…Deppen is left alone…Cage with a pop-up Powerbomb, Kuan with a fireman’s carry drop into a double-knee Gut-buster…Liona & Cage with a doubleteam finisher on Deppen, Cage covers for the win (11:36).

(ZH-4)  Willow Nightingale def. Allysin Kay…Willow uses a Gut-wrench Powerbomb for the win (07:52).

(5)  Claudio Castagnoli def. Jonathan Gresham…to become the NEW ROH World Champion…Castagnoli hits the Ricola Bomb for the win (11:28)… AFTER…Claudio celebrates his 1st world title with William Regal.

*Daniel Garcia backstage with Lexi…he doesn’t really even want the PURE title, because “sports entertainer” is above PURE champion anyway…he just wants to take it from Wheeler Yuta…especially after Yuta made it personal.

(6)  Dalton Castle & the Boys def. The Righteous…to become the NEW ROH 6-Man Tag Team Champions…Castle hits the Bang-A-Rang on Bateman for the win (09:38).

(7)  Wheeler Yuta def. Daniel Garcia…retains his ROH PURE Championship…Yuta scrambles into the Seatbelt Roll Up for the win (15:55)…AFTER…Garcia refuses to shake, instead flips off Yuta & the ROH logo on his way backstage.

(8)  Rush def. Dragon Lee…Rush gives Lee the Bull’s Horns for the win (15:52).

(9)  Mercedes Martinez def. Serena Deeb…to retain her ROH Women’s Championship…Martinez locks on the Brass City Sleeper for the submission win (17:22)…AFTER…Code of Honor upheld as Martinez & Deeb embrace.

(10)  Samoa Joe def. Jay Lethal…retains his ROH Television Championship…they brawl outside for 5 minutes before the opening bell…Satnam Singh saves Lethal from going through a table, then helps Jay injure Joe’s left arm further with a steel chair wrapped around the arm & a whip into the post…as they finally get in & start the match, the ref sends Singh backstage…Sonjay Dutt down at the 11 minute mark…Dutt distracts the ref by dropping a steel pipe, as the ref clears the pipe from the ring Lethal hits Joe with the belt…but Joe kicks out at 2…Lethal goes for another Lethal Injection but Joe catches him & grabs an RNC…Lethal escapes by dropping for a stunner…Lethal tries to roll Joe up, but Joe kicks out & transitions into the Coquina Clutch…Lethal is forced to tap, giving Joe the submission win (12:26).

(11)  FTR def. The Briscoes…in a 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH to retain their ROH Tag Team Championship…Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device on Dax to take the FIRST FALL (16:33)…Jay hits Cash with the ring bell…Mark covers, but Cash kicks at 2…Big Rig on Jay, Dax covers for the SECOND FALL (29:33)…Dax swings wildly & misses Jay, but KO’s the ref & knocks him to the floor…Jay Driller on Dax, but no ref to count…Big Rig on Jay, but still no ref to count…Cash drags the ref to his feet & rolls him back in…but by then, Jay kicks out at 2…Doomsday Device on Dax, but Cash breaks up the count…Dax hits an Avalanche Piledriver on Jay & can barely roll him over for a cover, but gets the 1-2-3 for the THIRD FALL & THE WIN (43:27)…AFTER…FTR asks the Briscoes into the ring to uphold the Code of Honor & let the crowd show their appreciation…just before the show ends Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, & William Regal make their way out on the stage…all the champs raise the belts in a mutual show of respect.


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