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SmackDown – Aug 12

SmackDown – Aug 12

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SmackDown Results

*Live from Raleigh, NC.

(1)  Women’s Tag Team Tournament, Rd. 1: Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah def. Xia Li & Shotzi…early on, Sonya Deville & Natalya show up at ringside to cause trouble, but manage not to cause a DQ…Aliyah tackles Shotzi to the floor to give Raquel the space to deliver the Chingona Bomb to Xia for the win (09:35).

*Karrion Kross backstage promo…everyone knows about the Bloodline, but there’s a new Timeline…and in the end, everyone pays the toll…TICK TOCK…Kross peers around the corner to reveal he’s positioned himself not far from Drew McIntyre as he prepares backstage.

*Drew McIntyre to the ring…his hands are a little full right now, but he’ll deal with Kross once he’s done with Roman…Scarlett makes her grand entrance to the arena & slowly makes her way to the ring…the Usos use the distraction to attack Drew from behind…Drew takes the 1-D, then the Usos give Scarlett a message to take to Kross.

*Intercontinental Championship historical video package…cut to Shinsuke Nakamura backstage with Megan…he tells Gunther to, “COME ON!”

*Kofi Kingston attacks the Viking Raiders with a kendo stick during their entrance…Kofi has the upper hand to start, but the Viking shields eventually splinter his weapon & it’s all downhill from there…Kofi takes a beating, punctuated with a frogsplash on the arena floor.

*Sami Zayn knocks on the Usos’ door…once they’re in the hall, Drew McIntyre attacks & leaves the Usos laying.

(2)  Hit Row def. Brandon Scott & Trevor Irvin (?)…Hit Row with the Heavy Hitter on Scott, Adonis covers for the win (01:38)…AFTER…Adonis, Top Dolla, & B-Fab spit some hot fire.

*Judo Gene LeBell tribute…RIP to the Godfather of Grappling.

*Gunther backstage with Kayla…tonight Shinsuke will suffer at the hands of the ring general.

*Ronda Rousey jumps the barricade before the contract signing can start…she was fined & suspended, but she can afford it…she dumps a bag full of money on the table & leaves, dropping a female security guard along the way…Shayna Baszler passes Ronda & tells her this isn’t how things are done…Ronda scoffs & says, “you used to be a killer.”

*Shayna Baszler continues to the ring, signs the contract & calls out Liv Morgan…Liv calls Shayna a “bootleg Ronda” & says she’ll beat her, too…Shayna slams Liv’s arm on the table & works it over, finishing with a stomp…Liv manages a springboard Bulldog & puts Shayna through the table, but leaves in a great deal of pain.

*Usos berate Sami Zayn backstage for helping lure them out for McIntyre to attack…again warn him to start pulling his weight…they head to the ring…Jey tells Drew to grab a partner & come get a whoopin’…Drew McIntyre answers the challenge alone but is joined after about 2 minutes by Madcap Moss.

(3)  Drew McIntyre & Madcap Moss def. Usos…McIntyre sets up for the Claymore but Sami Zayn slides in & puts himself in front of Drew…no contact, but it gives the Usos time to recover…a few minutes later, though, Jimmy eats a Claymore for the win (11:22)…AFTER…Drew sets up for another Claymore but Sami pushes Jey out of the way & takes the bullet.

*Los Lotharios interrupt a Maximum Male Models photoshoot, say they’re the most handsome team in WWE…Max Dupri says they aren’t MMM-material…but they were talking to Maxxine Dupri.

*Ricochet backstage with Kayla…he wants the winner of the IC title match tonight…Happy Corbin with a sneak attack…says they’re just getting started.

(4)  Gunther def. Shinsuke Nakamura…retains his Intercontinental Championship…Nakamura works on Gunther’s right arm with kicks & an armbar…after several foiled attempts because of his injured arm, Gunther delivers a Powerbomb & stacks Nakamura up for the win (13:27).


WWE SmackDown PREVIEW – August 19, 2022 

+ Drew McIntyre & Roman Reigns face-to-face

+ Viking Funeral for New Day

+ Sonya Deville & Natalya vs. Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark – Tag Title Tournament


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