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Rampage – Aug 12

Rampage – Aug 12

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Rampage Results

*Emanating from Minneapolis, MN.

*Bryan Danielson to the ring with Schiavone…he’ll never retire, so someone has to take him out…Daniel Garcia interrupts, Danielson is his hero but the retiring & returning makes Garcia want to hurt him & end his career…Danielson can’t stand Garcia referring to himself as a “Sports Entertainer”…they’ll meet next Wednesday.

(1)  Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo def. Dante Martin & Skye Blue…retain their AAA Mixed Tag Team Championship…Tay hits Blue with a superkick, follows with the Tay-KO for the win (07:17).

*Lucha Brothers are coming back for gold when Pac returns this week.

(2)  Parker Boudreau def. Sonny Kiss…Boudreau delivers a backdrop powerslam for the win (01:00).

*Andrade & Rush backstage with Lexi…Andrade (through the 10 marbles in his mouth) says something about wanting those titles…Private Party doesn’t take kindly to the way he asked…Andrade walks off.

(3)  Gunn Club def. BeardHausen…Billy pulls down the top rope to cause Redbeard to tumble to the floor…Austin with a Fame-Asser on Danhausen for the win (07:08)…AFTER…Poppa Billy is not pleased with the performance…maybe they can prove themselves on Dynamite…Billy walks off without his boys…Stokely Hathaway tries to pass the Ass Boys a card again…they hesitate but don’t take it.

*Swerve in Our Glory backstage with Lexi…apparently Andrade wanted Private Party to go after the world tag titles…Lee says they’re not ranked, but since no ranked team has stepped up, they’ll allow Private Party a shot.

*Hook to the ring with Schiavone…Tony says the FTW title will always be an open challenge…Hook replies, “Yup”…Zack Clayton (reality TV…star?) challenges Hook for a shot at the FTW title next week on Rampage…Hook seems amenable.

*Trustbusters & Best Friends split screen interview with Mark Henry…IT’S TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT!

(4)  Orange Cassidy def. Ari Daivari…Daivari misses a superkick…Cassidy counters with the Orange Punch for the win (12:04)…AFTER…Slim J. tries an attack & quickly gets tossed to the floor by Best FriendsParker Boudreaux levels Best Friends with a double clothesline…Boudreaux squares off opposite Cassidy…Sonny Kiss slides in to stand next to Cassidy, but turns on him with a low blow kick…Boudreaux delivers a backdrop powerslam to Cassidy to end the show.


AEW  DYNAMITE PREVIEW – August 17, 2022 – Charleston, WV

+ Andrade, Dragon Lee, & Rush vs. Young Bucks & ??? – Trios Tournament Round 1

+ Toni Störm vs. KiLynn King

+ Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia – Best 2 Out of 3 Falls Match

+ Gunn Club vs. Varsity Blonds


AERAMPAGE PREVIEW – August 19, 2022

+ Hook (c) vs. Zack Clayton – for the FTW Championship

+ Swerve in Our Glory (c) vs. Private Party – for the AEW Tag Team Championship

+ Trustbusters vs. Best Friends – Trios Tournament Round 1


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