Minutes to Bell Time

WWE Clash at the Castle – Sep 3

Minutes to Bell Time

WWE Clash at the Castle – Sep 3

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WWE Clash at the Castle Results

*Live from Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

(Kickoff-1)  Madcap Moss & Street Profits def. Austin Theory & Alpha Academy…the fight spills to the outside & Montez Ford hits a tope into a Blockbuster to take Chad Gable to the floor & wipe out everyone…Ford rolls Gable back in & hits the From the Heavens Splash for the win (06:32).

(2)  BayleyDakota Kai, & Iyo Sky defAsukaAlexa Bliss & Bianca Belair…Kai-O Kick, RosePlant, Over the Moonsault on Bianca…Bayley covers for the win (18:46).

*Giovanni Vinci joins Ludwig Kaiser for the introduction of the Ring General…

(3)  Gunther def. Sheamus…retains his Intercontinental Championship…their cornermen start brawling, but Gunther & Sheamus stare holes through each other until the opening bell…after a brutal 19 minutes for both men, Sheamus fails to deliver a Brogue Kick due the damage he’s sustained to his lower back…Gunther with a Powerbomb, but Sheamus rolls over to lock eyes quickly…he’s still not done…Gunther follows with a nasty Clothesline for the win (19:32).

(4)  Liv Morgan defShayna Baszler…retains her SmackDown Women’s Championship…Liv is trapped in the Kirifuda Clutch, but flips back into a cover causing Shayna to release in order to kick out…Liv hits a Codebreaker that send Shayna to the ropes…Liv hits ob-LIV-ion for the win (11:01).

(5)  Edge & Rey Mysterio defJudgment Day…from outside, Dom Mysterio hooks a leg on Balor causing a distraction…Rey takes advantage & knocks Balor into the ropes to deliver the 619…Balor stumbles back into the path of an Edge Spear for the win (12:34)…AFTER…Dom looks about as confused & uneasy as any Superstar ever has…without uttering a word Dom kicks Edge low…as Rey shoves Dom away from Edge & clearly is wondering what the hell that was all about, Dom drops his dad with a clothesline…as the Judgment Day cackle with delight, Dom walks off alone.

(6)  Seth Rollins defMatt Riddle…great back & forth match…Rollins continues to talk about Riddle’s family & further infuriates him by using Randy’s draping DDT…Riddle lets his emotions get the better of him & takes a swipe at Rollins outside with a steel chair…Rollins avoids & gets Riddle to chase him back in, baiting a trap & the perfect set up for a Stomp as Riddle slides under the bottom rope…Rollins delivers a 2nd consecutive Stomp, this time from the 2nd buckle, for the win (17:22).

(7)  Roman Reign def. Drew McIntyre…retains his Undisputed Universal Championship…around the 8 minute mark, the fight spills to the floor with Drew in control & Karrion Kross tosses a water bottle at Drew’s feet from his seat in the front row of the audience…the ensuing verbal back & forth allows Roman to recover & take back control…

*around the 14 minute mark, Roman is in control & grabs a mic to request that Cardiff acknowledge him…a Glasgow Kiss gets them back to an exhausted stalemate…

*at 21 minutes Drew sets up for a Claymore but Roman gets there 1st with a Superman Punch for 2…a minute later Roman delivers a Spear, but again just gets 2…

*at 25 minutes Drew spears Roman through the barricade & quickly rolls him back in for a Claymore but again Roman is quicker & delivers a Spear but again only gets a 2 count…while Roman bullies Charles Robinson over what he thought was a 3 count, Drew delivers a Claymore to the side of Roman’s head & knocks Lil’ Naitch to the floor…Austin Theory brings a ref with him, hoping to cash in, but Tyson Fury doesn’t seem to think it’s the right time & knocks Theory out with a right hand from his seat in the front row near the timekeeper…

*Roman looks to take advantage with a steel chair but this time Drew is faster to the punch & hits a Claymore…the 2nd ref slides in but Roman kicks at 2…

*at the 30 minute mark Drew delivers a spear to Roman & follows with a Claymore but the ref gets yanked out of the ring at 2¾ by a hooded figure that turns out to be Solo Sikoa…Drew pulls Sikoa up onto the apron, but he drops back down to yank Drew’s throat into the top rope…Drew stumbles back & turns around into a Spear by Roman for the win (30:48)

*AFTER…Tyson Fury climbs in & gets nearly face-to-face with Roman…some inaudible words are exchanged but they part with a handshake & Roman heads up the aisle with Sikoa…Fury helps Drew to his feet & the two of them do some karaoke to try to send the crowd home happy.


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