Minutes to Bell Time

NXT 2.0 Worlds Collide – Sep 4

Minutes to Bell Time

NXT 2.0 Worlds Collide – Sep 4

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NXT 2.0 Worlds Collide Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

(1)  Carmelo Hayes def. Ricochet…to retain his North American Championship…Ricochet has to handle Trick Williams for the 3rd time & those few extra seconds allows Melo to avoid the ensuing Shooting Star Press & hook Ricochet with a Small Package for the Roll Up win (15:58).

*Roderick Strong is found bloodied & unconscious in the parking lot earlier in the day.

(2)  Pretty Deadly def. Creed Brothers, Gallus, and Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen…in a FATAL 4-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH to UNIFY the NXT & NXT UK Tag Team Championships…a ringside fight between Fallon Henley & Lash Legend spills into the ring & right back out…Gallus eliminate Briggs/Jensen with an Enziguiri/Powerslam combo on Jensen, Mark Coffey covers for the pinfall (4:44)…Creeds eliminate Gallus with a Doomsday Cannonball when Julius covers Wolfgang for the pinfall (8:40)…the ref takes a bump amid the chaos of Gallus & Briggs/Jensen still brawling at ringside…Damon Kemp saves Julius from a chairshot from Wilson, only to turn around & blast Julius with the chair himself…Kemp yanks the ref back into the ring as Prince covers Julius  for the win (15:06).

*Tony D’Angelo & Stacks are chatting backstage when Cameron Grimes walks in…Tony offers Grimes a position in the family…apparently it’s an offer Grimes can refuse.

(3)  Mandy Rose def. Meiko Satomura & Blair Davenport…in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH to UNIFY the NXT & NXT UK Women’s Championships…Meiko breaks up a pin cover by delivering Scorpio Rising to Davenport…Mandy follows with the Kissed By The Rose knee strike to Davenport & covers for the win (13:17).

*Axiom & Nathan Frazer vignette from last week (repeated)…they’ll meet in 2 out of 3 falls match on NXT 2.0 this week.

*Wes Lee backstage with McKenzie…he thinks JD McDonagh is weird, but he’s ready to get weird with him on NXT 2.0 this week.

(4)  Katana Chance & Kayden Carter def. Doudrop & Nikki ASH…retain their NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship…just before the 10 minute mark Toxic Attraction come to ringside & are taken out by Nikki ASH with a diving cross body to the floor…but this leaves Nikki unable to break up the pin after Chance & Carter hit their Neckbreaker/450 Splash combo on Doudrop, Chance covers for the win (10:20).

*Grayson Waller is creeped out by the Dyad backstage…McKenzie approaches to ask if he’s sorry for scratching Apollo Crews’ cornea…Waller is completely unapologetic…he doesn’t need anyone.

(5)  Bron Breakker def. Tyler Bate…to UNIFY the NXT & NXT UK Championships…Bron pulls Tyler off the top buckle into a Gorilla Press & completes the Powerslam, but Tyler gets his foot on the ropes…Bron sets up for the Spear but runs into a knee from Tyler…Tyler sets up for the Tyler Driver but Bron backdrops out of it…Bron lifts Tyler for the Gorilla Press but Tyler counters into a Victory Roll for 2…Tyler immediately hits the ropes for the big discuss lariat but Bron is just a little quicker & hits him with a nasty Spear for the win (17:11)…AFTER…Tyler Bate drapes both belts over Breakker’s shoulders & they hug in a show of respect.


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – Sun. Sept. 6, 2022

+ Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer – Best 2 Out of 3 Falls

+ Wes Lee vs. JD McDonagh


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