Minutes to Bell Time

AEW All Out – Sep 4

Minutes to Bell Time

AEW All Out – Sep 4

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AEW All Out Results

*Live from the NOW Arena in Chicago, IL.

(Zero Hour – 1)  Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo def. Ortiz & Ruby Soho…retain their AAA Mixed Tag Team Championship…the match starts when Ortiz & Ruby chase Sammy & Tay backstage with a golfcart & brawl to the ring…Anna Jay distracts Ruby, allowing Tay to hit the Tay-KO on Ruby for the win (06:06).

(ZH – 2)  Hook def. Angelo Parker…retains his FTW Championship…Hook sinks in redruM for the submission win (03:56)…AFTER…Matt Menard attacks…Action Bronson (dude who does Hook’s theme song) leaves his seat in the front row to make the save.

(ZH – 3)  Pac def. Kip Sabian…retains his All Atlantic Championship…Pac hits the Black Arrow for the win (10:25)…AFTER…Schiavone meets Pac at the top of the ramp for an interview…Orange Cassidy interrupts…Pac says Cassidy is not a wrestler, he’s a joke…Pac walks off…meanwhile Kip is yelling at his box/headgear in the ring…what a weird segment.

*Eddie Kingston promo…he’s ripping off Thornton Melon & Game of Thrones…something about not going gentle into that goodnight & walking the King’s Road…anyway, he thinks he’ll beat Ishii tonight.

(ZH – 4)  Eddie Kingston def. Tomohiro Ishii…Kingston with a Northern Lights Bomb for the win (13:28)…AFTER…Ishii rolls out & staggers around the ringside area…Kingston tries to help but Ishii wants nothing to do with him.

(5)  JOKER def. Fenix, Wheeler Yuta, Rush, Andrade, Claudio Castagnoli, Dante Martin, & Penta…in the CASINO LADDER MATCH…all participants DO NOT have to be present for someone to retrieve the poker chip & win the match…Yuta [1] & Fenix [2] start the match…followed by Rush [3], Andrade [4], Claudio [5], Dante Martin [6], Penta [7]…at the 12 minute mark masked men flood the ring & knock everyone off the ladder…one of them grabs the chip…everyone unmasks to reveal Ethan Page, Gunn Club, W. Morrissey, & Stokely Hathaway, who is holding the chip…the JOKER [8] heads to the ring in a horned demon mask as “Sympathy for the Devil” plays…Hathaway hands the chip to the JOKER for the win (14:11)…someone has an AEW World Title shot in their pocket…but we don’t know who just yet.

(6)  Kenny Omega & Young Bucks def. John Silver, Alex Reynolds, & Hangman Adam Page…to become the INAUGURAL AEW Trios Champions…Silver turns a 1-Winged Angel into a victory for a 2.9 count…Hangman follows with a Buckshot Lariat but Omega ducks & Hangman accidentally takes out Silver instead…Hangman is tackled & grapevined by Matt & Omega covers Silver for the win (19:51).

(7)  Jade Cargill def. Athena…retains her TBS Championship…Athena hits the O-Face (Eclipse) but Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey pull her out of the ring…Athena dropkicks Grey into the barricade & Hogan runs away…Athena attempts a springboard cross body but gets knocked out of mid-air with a pump kick by Cargill, who follows with Jaded for the win (04:21).

(8)  Wardlow & FTR def. Jay Lethal & Motor City Machine Guns…FTR hit the Big Rig on Shelley but get caught with a Double Lethal Injection by Jay…Wardlow with a headbutt & big Lariat to Lethal…and tonight’s Powerbomb Symphony is in 4 movements for the win (16:26)…AFTER…the Machine Guns, Sonjay Dutt, & Satnam Singh are up on the apron, threatening to use the numbers advantage…but Samoa Joe heads down to clean house…Dax’s daughter breaks Sonjay’s pencil & Daddy Dax drops him with a right so his daughter can “pin” him with a foot on Dutt’s chest.

(9)  Powerhouse Hobbs def. Ricky Starks…Hobbs with a backdrop attempt but Starks lands on his feet & hits the ropes looking for a Spear…instead, Hobbs delivers a liver-rattling Spinebuster for the win (05:15).

(10)  Swerve in Our Glory def. Acclaimed…retain their AEW Tag Team Championship…Bowens jumps into the electric chair on Lee’s shoulders…Lee turns him around for Swerve to deliver the Doomsday Swerve Stomp…Lee covers for the win (22:25)…AFTER…Lee respectfully requests & receives some scissor action from Daddy Ass. Billy Gunn.

(11)  Toni Störm def. Hikaru Shida, Jamie Hayter, & Britt Baker…in a FATAL 4-WAY MATCH to become the Interim AEW Women’s Champion…Störm hits a spike piledriver on Hayter, but Baker tosses Toni to the floor & tries to steal the cover…Hayter kicks at 2…Baker goes to the glove & prepares to apply the Lockjaw on Hayter but Störm returns & delivers a jumping Pendulum DDT on Baker…another DDT on Hayter for the win (14:44).

(12)  Christian Cage def. Jungle Boy…Christian gets slapped by Jungle Boy’s mom at ringside…Luchasaurus comes out of the heel tunnel & chokeslams Jungle Boy on the stage…he carries Jungle Boy to ringside, then puts him through the timekeeper’s table with a Razor’s Edge…Jungle Boy can barely make it to his feet inside the ring & when he does & the match actually starts, Christian hits an immediate Spear…Jungle Boy spends his last bit of energy kicking out at 2…Christian follows with the Killswitch for the win (00:24).

*AEW FULL GEAR comes to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on Saturday November 19th.

(13)  Chris Jericho def. Bryan Danielson…Jericho is fighting off another in an endless series of submissions when he forces the ref to the corner & she turns her back to the action…then Jericho scores with a mule kick low blow…follows with the Judas Effect for the win (23:42)…as Daniel Garcia watches disgustedly from a backstage monitor & the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society heads to the ring to celebrate.

(14)  Miro, Darby Allin, & Sting def. House of Black…Sting spits the black mist into Malakai’s face & Darby uses the Last Supper for the Roll Up win (12:10).

*Daniela Garcia backstage with Schiavone…Chris Jericho interrupts to ask where Garcia was for the celebration…Garcia says he was let down by Jericho’s cheating…Jericho says he was let down by Garcia’s absence…because of this, Jericho says Garcia is on his own for his huge match with Wheeler Yuta.

(15)  CM Punk def. Jon Moxley…to become the NEW AEW World Champion…Punk hits a GTS early for 2…Mox rolls out, Punk follows & they fight deep into the crowd…back towards the ring & Mox sends Punk into the ringpost & he’s busted wide open…Mox works the cut with elbows & headbutts…around the 18 minute mark Punk attempts the GTS but Mox counters into the Paradigm Shift (suplex) & gets a 2 count…Mox locks in the Bulldog Choke but Punk counters into a GTS…Mox bounces off the ropes & lands on Punk’s back…Punk takes him up for another GTS for the win (19:58)

*AFTER…as CM Punk celebrates with all of Chicago…LIGHTS OUT…the arena speakers play a voicemail of Tony Khan agreeing to put someone in the Casino Ladder Match…cut to an old ROH-era clip of Punk using the bastardized Charles Baudelaire quote, “the greatest thing the devil ever did was making people believe he didn’t exist”…we see the Joker…he removes his mask with his back turned & puts  a Burberry scarf around his neck…MJF‘s music begins & the crowd erupts…MJF emerges from the tunnel, teases a trip to the ring…but instead flips off the fans as the show ends.


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