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Raw – Sep 5

Raw – Sep 5

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Raw Results

*Live from Kansas City, MO.

*Edge to the ring…calls out Dom to take the ass whoopin’ he’s got coming…Rey Mysterio comes out instead to beg Edge to let Dom off the hook…Edge says Dom is a man & has to answer for his actions…Edge calls out Dom again…Rhea Ripley out instead, says she made Rey’s little boy into a man…Dominik Mysterio out…Rhea & Dom to the ring, Rey meets them in the aisle but can’t get through to Dom…Rey heads backstage…Finn Balor & Damian Priest attack Edge from behind…Rhea & Dom cut Rey off when he returns & drop him at ringside…Dom passes Balor a chair which is used for a Coup de Grace on Edge’s knee.

*Miz & Ciampa approached in the parking lot by Sarah…Miz still doesn’t want to talk about Dexter Lumis…there’s a random car flipped on its’ roof & smoking as Miz & Ciampa continue into the building.

(1)  New Day vs. Alpha Academy vs. Los Lotharios vs. Street Profits…in a FATAL 4-Way TAG TEAM #1 CONTENDER MATCH…ends in a NO CONTEST when Braun Strowman returns & decimates all 8 combatants (13:53).

(2)  Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah def. Nikki ASH & Doudrop…retain their Women’s Tag Team Champship…Doudrop ONCE AGAIN climbs the buckles & just happens to get caught…this time with a Chingona Bomb for the win (03:43).

*Rey Mysterio approached backstage by Sarah…he’ll never put his hands on his son, but wants Balor or Priest one-on-one in the ring tonight.

*Austin Theory to the ring…says Drew embarrassed himself in front of family…and Theory will soon ends Roman’s title reign…Kevin Owens interrupts, says Tyson Fury did Theory a favor & saved him from a failed cash in…KO says enough talking, let’s fight.

(3)  Kevin Owens def. Austin Theory…KO climbs the buckles…Theory follows, looking for a superplex…but KO counters into an avalanche Fisherman’s Buster…Owens with a Pop-up Powerbomb, followed by a Stunner for the win (16:56).

*Miz approached backstage by Sarah & nearly jumps out of his skin…he still doesn’t want to talk about Dexter…but Sarah is there to ask about his US title shot…Miz is confident, of course.

*Damage Control (Bayley/Kai/Sky) to the ring…they’re taking control of the women’s division…Dakota wasn’t legal in the tag title match, so they’re getting a rematch…and Bayley pinned the Women’s Champ…Bianca Belair interrupts, offers to fight Bayley right now, but Bayley doesn’t work on Labor Day…when she wants the title, she’ll get it.

*Johnny Gargano backstage with Sarah…Austin Theory interrupts, says Johnny is doing too much talking since his return…Johnny agrees…makes his in-ring return next week.

(4)  Damian Priest def. Rey Mysterio…less than 5 minutes in, Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, & Dom Mysterio come to ringside…Rey turns a Razor’s Edge into the set up for 619 but Dom hops up on the apron to block Rey…that distraction & Rhea almost sneaking in as well allow Priest to level Rey with a clothesline & send him South of Heaven for the win (13:32)…AFTER…Rhea says now that Priest is done with Rey…Dom will challenge Edge next week to finish their business & send him back to retirement.

*Bobby Lashley backstage with Sarah…says Miz only wanted the steel cage because he thinks it makes him safe from Dexter Lumis…but when that door closes, Miz only needs to worry about the All Mighty Champion.

*Braun Strowman approached backstage…he’ll fill everyone in on his plans at SmackDown.

*Riddle backstage Saturday after his Clash match speaking with Sarah…he wants a rematch ASAP…Sarah approaches Seth Rollins on Monday to inform him…Seth says he’s moving on to bigger & better things.

(5)  Bobby Lashley def. Miz…retains his United States Championship in a STEEL CAGE MATCH…Miz hits Lashley with the belt prior to the bell…Ciampa joins in when Miz rolls Lashley out the door…it’s a 2-on-1 beatdown ringside through a commercial break including possibly “breaking” Lashley’s arm with the ringsteps…Lashley is rolled in & the match starts…13 minutes later Miz slams Lashley’s head in the door repeatedly & begins to climb the far side of the cage…as Miz gets over the top & looks down, Dexter Lumis is peeking out from under the ring….Miz climbs back in & turns around into a Lashley Spear for the win (14:06)…AFTER…Lumis climbs into the cage & when Miz tries to exit the door, Lashley closes it…Lumis “Silences” Miz as the show ends.


WWE RAW PREVIEW – Sep. 12, 2022

+ Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah (c) vs. Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky – for the Women’s Tag Team Championship

+ Johnny Gargano’s in-ring return

+ Edge vs. Dom Mysterio


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