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Fourth Issue of Graphic Endings!

Graphic Endings - One Week After - Clothesline

Fourth Issue of Graphic Endings!

With excitement, today Minutes to Bell Time releases the fourth issue of Graphic Endings – One Week After. A week has passed, and Pro Wrestling Interviewer Beautiful Bobby Ballard sits down with Minute and Bell Time as they do a detailed walk through of the huge Graphic Endings title match.

Graphic Endings is free to everyone. If you have questions, reach out to me at [email protected] If you want to support Graphic Endings, we have T-shirts and stickers to purchase. In fact, the first T-shirt is available now at Pro Wrestle Tee’s and the first sticker is available now in the Minutes to Bell Time Shop. Check them out!

First Chapter – Eight Weeks to Bell Time

Second Chapter – Four Weeks to Bell Time

Third Chapter – Two Weeks to Bell Time

Fourth Chapter – One Week After

Graphic Endings Blurb – The World Heavyweight Champion Bell Time has brutally defeated everyone. When promoters across the nation fail to find him a new challenger, the pro wrestling business begins to suffer. Desperate to wrestle, Bell Time seeks help from the Dropkick Journal. He hopes their global coverage of pro wrestling may have exposed them to credible challengers previously unknown to the national promoters.  When the Dropkick Journal identifies Minute as a potential challenger, dark secrets buried in the past are suddenly revealed. Now follow the sequence of events that lead to a World Championship Battle between Bell Time and his new challenger Minute.

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