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Impact Emergence – Aug 12

Impact!+ Emergence – Aug 12

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Impact!+ Emergence Results

*LIVE from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, IL.

(Countdown-1)  Brian Myers def. Bhupinder Gujjar…retains his Digital Media Championship…Gujjar takes Myers to the corner & back rolls into a pinning combo as Myers removes a turnbuckle pad…Myers kicks out, sending Gujjar face first into the exposed buckle…Myers with a Schoolboy & a handful of tights for the Roll Up win (07:25).

(Countdown-2)  VXT def. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie…to become the NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions…Rosemary misses Chelsea with the green mist & instead blinds Taya…Chelsea hits a jumping Enziguiri on Rosemary…VXT with a 2-woman suplex on Rosemary, Chelsea covers for the win (08:04).

(3)  Mike Bailey def. Jack Evans…retains his X-Division Championship…Speedball hits Ultima Weapon for the win (12:52).

*Honor No More gets their hype speech from Eddie Edwards backstage…Kenny King is out of the match, so it’s his job to make sure Heath doesn’t get involved.

(4)  Steve Maclin vs. Sami Callihan…NEVER GETS STARTED…Maclin attacks Sami during his entrance & they fight around & into the ring…both men shove the ref around…then they fight into the crowd & backstage.

(5)  Eric Young & Deaner def. Chris Sabin & Kushida…Kushida & Sabin are setting up for Skull & Bones when Deaner distracts the ref with the flagpole…Joe Doering shoves Kushida off the buckle & to the floor…Young hits a Piledriver on Sabin for the win (12:55).

*VXT backstage with Gia…they were labeled problematic, hard to deal with, even bullies…but the truth is, they know how good they are…and now so does everyone else.

*Kenny King to the ring with a steel chair…he calls out Heath…meanwhile Maclin & Callihan are still brawling, now through the crowd…this distraction allows Heath to sneak in & hit the Wake Up Call on King…Heath is interviewed in the crowd by Gia Miller…says he’s going to hit the Wake Up Call on ever member of Honor No More.

(6)  Bandido def. Rey Horus…in a AAA SPECIAL ATTRACTION…Bandido hits the 21-Plex for the win (12:56).

*Moose backstage with Gia…he reiterates that he has no alliance with Maclin…just then Steve Maclin & Sami Callihan brawl through the interview space & Moose immediately joins in to doubleteam Callihan…they brawl to the ring…Scott D’Amore out, says Moose is banned from ringside & Maclin/Callihan will proceed as No DQ match.

(7)  Sami Callihan def. Steve Maclin…in a NO DQ MATCH…Callihan delivers a chair shot to the head & flings Maclin face first into the ring steps just before the opening bell & Maclin is busted open…Callihan zip-ties Maclin’s arms behind his back & slaps him…Maclin spits in Sami’s face…Callihan hits the Cactus Driver for the win (11:30).

(8)  Honor No More (Edwards, OGK, Vincent, PCO) def. Bullet Club (Good Brothers, Austin, Bey, Hikuleo)…in a 5-on-5 ANYTHING GOES MATCH…Good Brothers attempt a Magic Killer on Taven but Gallows’ injured shoulder won’t let him finish it…Edwards hits Gallows across the back of the head with a kendo stick…Taven delivers the Climax to Gallows onto a garbage can…Taven & Bennett both cover Gallows for the win (15:57)…as a result, Honor No More remains together & OGK get a Tag Title opportunity.

(9)  Jordynne Grace def. Mia Yim…retains her Knockouts Championship…Yim attempts the Protect Ya Neck piledriver but Jordynne escapes & reverses into the Grace Driver for the win (13:26)…AFTER…Masha Slamovich makes her way to the ring & delivers a Death Warrant to Jordynne.

(10)  Josh Alexander def. Alex Shelley…retains his iMPACT! World Championship…Shelley attempts to hit a 4th Shell-Shock but Alexander reverses it into a Shell-Shock of his own…Alexander follows with the C-4 Spike for the win (27:37).


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