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NXT 2.0 – Sep 6

NXT 2.0 – Sep 6

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NXT 2.0 Results

*Live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

*Tyler Bate to the ring to thank the Universe for their support & Bron for helping him make history…Gallus interrupt, say he should be apologizing for letting the UK locker room down…Gallus attack…it’s 3-on-1 until Bron Breakker makes the save & clears the ring…Bron says Gallus have been nothing but trouble since their arrical, so he & Tyler are going to their ass.

*Pretty Deadly admiring their titles…DOUBLE SIDEPLATE CHECK…Lash Legend tells them that ‘people’ are saying Damon Kemp is the only reason they won…Pretty Deadly are not pleased.

*Meiko Satomura approached by Cora Jade backstage…Cora offers to let Meiko experience the Generation of Jade…Meiko already agreed to match with the very respectful Roxanne Perez.

(1)  Doudrop & Nikki ASH def. Toxic Attraction…Doudrop gets her nose bloodied (because Gigi & Jacy are sloppy & awful)…Nikki takes Jacy to the floor…Doudrop catches a 2nd buckle cross body attempt by Gigi & plants her with a Michinoku Driver…Doudrop follows with the Low Cross Body for the win (10:47).

*Apollo Crews promo…Grayson Waller purposely went after his eyes, but Apollo’s not afraid of the unknown (he turns to the camera so we can see his bloodied sclera).

(2)  JD McDonagh def. Wes Lee…McDonagh with a nasty soccer kick to Lee’s face & follows with the Devil Inside for the win (09:38).

*Tony D’Angelo (& Stacks) approached backstage by Pretty Deadly…Tony asks how much it cost to get Kemp to turn on Diamond Mine…Pretty Deadly insist they won on their own.

(3)  Meiko Satomura def. Roxanne Perez…Meiko drops Roxy with a Pelé Kick & follows with Scorpio Rising for the win (11:20)…AFTER…Meiko & Roxy share a respectful handshake & bow…Cora Jade slides in & attacks Roxy with the kendo stick until Meiko runs Cora off.

*Damon Kemp promo…he felt left out of Diamond Mine, so he took it down from within…he attacked Roddy in the parking lot, too…it’s “Damon Kemp forever.”

*The Dyad backstage handing out smiley faces…Kiana James takes one, then throws it away…she approaches Arianna Grace to help with her Nikkita/Zoey problem…Arianna agrees, so Giovanna Eburneo (or whatever her NXT name will be, Arianna’s assistant) pencils in a training session for the two.

(4)  Ricochet def. Trick Williams…Ricochet catches Trick with the Recoil, then stares a hole in Carmelo Hayes at the announce desk as he delivers a Shooting Star Press for the win (05:14).

*Tony D’Angelo (& Stacks) cross paths with Cameron Grimes…again Grimes turns down Tony’s offer…words get heated, Grimes throws his espresso at Stacks…fists fly and Tony & Stacks put Grimes through a catering table.

*Sol Ruca surfing vignette…she’s coming soon.

*Diamond Mine backstage with McKenzie…Damon Kemp will get his “on sight”…Pretty Deadly interrupt…they don’t like that the ‘people’ don’t feel they won fairly, so they’re looking to change that…the WWE Universe will pick the stipulation for their title match.

(5)  Axiom def. Nathan Frazer…in Match 1 of their BEST OF 3 SERIES…what started out as a “friendly competition” gets heated & Axiom lands a Jumping Side Kick for the win (11:47).

*Javier Bernal continues to be a prick backstage & again has words with Security Team member Hank Walker…but their squabble gets cut short when Security has to escort Gallus to the ring.

*Quincy Elliott promo…the Super Diva (& his scooter) are coming to NXT next week.

*Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams backstage with McKenzie…Melo is not happy to find out the WWE Universe will vote for who he defends his title against on the Anniversary Show.

(6)  Bron Breakker & Tyler Bate def. Gallus…Tyler gets whipped into the ringpost while fighting on the floor by cornerman-for-the-evening, Wolfgang…later, Breakker nails Joe with a spear & they roll tothe floor…Tyler with the Discus Clothesline on Mark, follows with the Tyler Driver ‘97 for the win (10:49)…AFTER…JD McDonagh attacks Bron & Tyler, knocking Bron to the floor…McDonagh hits Tyler with the Devil Inside…when Bron returns to the ring, McDonagh takes off through the stands.


NXT 2.0 PREVIEW – Sun. Sept. 13, 2022

+ The 1 Year Anniversary of NXT 2.0

+ Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer – Match 2 of their Best of 3 Series

+ Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Creed Brothers – for the Unified NXT Tag Team Championship (the WWE Universe will choose the stipulation)

+ Tony D. & Stacks vs. Cameron Grimes & ???


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