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Effy’s Big Gay Brunch – April 2

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch – April 2

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Jai Vidal defeats Carlos Romo – 12:48

  • Jai Vidal used a power bottom bomb for the pinfall victory.

Max the Impaler defeats Edith Surreal – 11:16

  • Max the Impaler put Edith through a table on the outside. The referee counted Edith out of the match. After the match, Max continued to beat down Edith.

Jordan Blade wins International Scramble Match – 12:28

  • Participants include Kid Bandit, Rico Gonzalez, Shay Purser, Jordan Blade, Killian McMurphy, Silvian Milano
  • Kid Bandit went for the Phoenix Splash, but they crashed and burned. Jordan Blade jumped Bandit and choked them out with a Rear Naked Choke.

Keita Murray defeats Bill Dixon – 12:15

  • Murray used an ankle lock for the submission victory.

Kenzie Paige and Dillon McQueen win the Tag Team Mayhem Match – 14:15

  • Teams will enter randomly. No pins or submissions until all teams are in the match. It will be Elimination style until there is just one team left.
  • Team Number One – Ashton Starr and AC Mack
  • Team Number Two – Aiden Aggro and DangerKid
  • Team Number 3 – Ace Perry and Devon Monroe
  • Team Number 4 – Kenzie Paige and Dillon McQueen
  • Kenzie Paige eliminates Ashton Starr and AC Mack fort he win.

Dark Sheik defeats Parrow – 09:36

  • Parrow pushed the referee and Pollo Del Mar through a table.
  • Back in the ring, Parrow hit several big moves on Dark Sheik.
  • Sheik managed to counter one of those big moves into a victory roll for the pinfall victory.
  • Effy ran in and made the quick three count.

Allie Katch defeats Dirty Dango – 10:46

  • Dango tried to get Allie to leave with him. She motioned like she might leave, but instead she caught him with a heat seeker for the pinfall victory.

Pimpinella Escarlata defeats Effy – 06:21

  • Escarlata hit a low blow and a roll up to get the pinfall victory.

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