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Mission Pro Bangerz Only – April 2

Mission Pro Bangerz Only – April 2

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Janai Kai defeats Shazza McKenzie – 08:42

  • Janai Kai used a roundhouse kick to get the pinfall victory.

Allie Katch defeatsΒ JP Harlow – 08:18

  • Allie Katch used the piledriver for the pinfall victory.

Jody Thready defeats La Rosa Negra – 16:37

  • La Rosa Negra connected with a big frog-splash, but Jody rolled Negra over and got the pin.

Madi Wrenkowski and Rache Chanel defeatsΒ KiLynn King and Jennacide – 11:25

  • Madi hit the reality check on Jennacide for the pinfall victory.

Lindsey Snow defeats Masha Slamovich – 06:34

  • Lindsey used a muscle buster to get the pinfall victory.

Renegade Twins and Jazmin Allure defeatsΒ The Hex and Laynie Luck – 14:20

  • Jazmin Allure got the pin by putting her feet on the ropes.

Thunder Rosa defeats Trish Adora – 16:14

  • Thunder Rosa used a funky pin with her legs to get the win. Seems controversial to me.

Holidead defeats Lufisto – Mission Pro Wrestling Championship No DQ Match – 16:56

  • Holidead used a spinebuster through a table for the pinfall victory. She retains her championship.
  • After the match, Holidead asked the lockerroom to come to the ring.

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