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Gringo Loco’s WRLD on Lucha – April 1

Gringo Loco’s WRLD on Lucha – April 1

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Johnny Caballero defeats Jack Cartwheel – 14:46

  • Johnny hit Starship Pain for the pinfall victory.

Tony Deppen defeats Psicosis – 07:38

  • Deppen used a shining wizard for the pinfall victory.

Shane Mercer defeats Golden Dragon, Octagon Jr, Drago Kid, Aero Boy, Chris Carter – Scramble Match – 08:59

  • Mercer used a fall away moonsault off the second rope on two men for the pinfall

Pagano defeats Sadika – 14:32

  • Pagano used a code red to get the pinfall victory.

Team Gringo (Abismo Negro Jr., Gringo Loco, Flamita) defeats Team Laredo (ASF, Laredo Kid, Rey Horus) – Six Man Lucha Match – 14:55

  • Gringo Loco used a powerbomb off the ropes on ASF to get the pinfall victory.

AR Fox defeats Ninja Mack – 08:35

  • AR Fox used a 450 splash to get the pinfall victory.

Psycho Clown defeats Dr. Wagner Jr – 20:39

  • Dr. Wagner hit a low blow, pulled off Psycho Clown’s mask, and used an inside cradle to get the pinfall.
  • After the match, Dr. Wagner challenges Psycho Clown to a mask v. hair match.
  • Psycho Clown then thanks the crowd.

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