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JCW v. LA Fights – April 1

JCW v. LA Fights – April 1

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JCW (Jordan Oliver, Janai Kai, Yoya, Edith Surreal, Bam Sullivan, Brandon Kirk, Slade, Ellis Taylor, Charlie Tiger) defeatsΒ LA Fights (Bad Dude Tito, Damian Drake, Lucas Riley, Titus Alexander, Jordan Cruz, Hunter Freeman) – Eight on Eight Ultimate Survival Turf War

  • Yoya used a brain buster to get the pinfall victory for Team JCW.

Cole Radrick (JCW) defeats Kevin Blackwood (LA) – 09:50

  • Radrick used a modified pump handle slam for the pinfall victory.

Jack Cartwheel (LA) defeats Alec Price (JCW)

  • Cartwheel hit a corkscrew shooting star press for the pinfall victory.

Big Vin (JCW) defeats Juicy Finau (LA) – 06:46

  • Big Vin used a rope assisted powebomb for the pinfall victory.

Nick Wayne (LA) defeats Marcus Mathers (JCW) – 15:22

  • Wayne used a cutter to get the pinfall victory.

Billie Starkz (JCW) defeats Sandra Moone (LA) – 10:08

  • Starkz used a tiger suplex with a bridge for the pinfall victory.

B-Boy (LA) defeats Grim Reefer (JCW) – 13:07

  • B-Boy hit a DVD through a table followed by a brainbuster to secure the pinfall victory.

Dark Sheik (LA) defeats Charles Mason (JCW) – 15:00

  • Part way through the match, The LA Fights roster and the JCW roster came out and surrounded the ring.
  • Charles Mason attempted to literally hang Dark Sheik from the rafters when both rosters got up on the apron.
  • When LA Fights entered the ring, JCW dropped off the apron and tossed in the towel. With that LA Fights attacked Mason.
  • Dark Sheik came to and apparently the referee never called for the bell when JCW tossed in the towel. Sheik used a Michinoku driver for the pinfall victory.
  • After the match, LA Fights and JCW took turns beating up Charles Mason

Post Match

  • The event ended with LA Fights and JCW each having 3 wins.
  • Grim Reefer called for a truce. B-Boy shook Reefer’s hand, but Reefer attacked.
  • The show ends with both rosters brawling their way out of the arena.

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