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Glory Pro Wrestling Cemetery Gates – March 31

Glory Pro Wrestling Cemetery Gates – March 31

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Glory Pro Wrestling Cemetery Gates Results

This is show number 1 of 12 of the GCW Collective.Β Here are the results from some of the other shows.

Myron Reed defeats Carlos Romo, Danny Jones, and Shane Sabre

  • Myron Reed used Captain Crunch (Air Raid Crash) for the pinfall victory.

Tootie Lynn defeats Janai Kai – Midwest Territory Championship – 06:42

  • Tootie Lynn used a Fujiwara arm bar for the submission victory.

Jake Something defeats Max the Impaler – 09:35

  • A really hard hitting match that saw blood spilled from both competitors.
  • Jake Something used Black Hole Slam for the pinfall victory.

Huscle and Muscle defeat Technical Difficulties, Fly Def, and Alpha Omega – United Glory Tag Team Championship Match – 06:59

  • Huscle and Muscle used a one armed spine buster to get the pinfall victory.

Allie Katch defeats Laynie Luck – Submission Match – 11:10

  • Allie Katch had a Boston Crab applied on Laynie, but Laynie got to the ropes. While Allie didn’t have to adhere to a rope break per the rules of this match, Allie did break. Katch than grabbed Luck and applied the Boston Crab around the ropes, which forced Laynie to tap out.

No Remorse Corps (Davey Richards and Rocky Romero) defeatΒ Grindhouse – 12:28

  • Richards and Romero hit a combination Double Stomp and burning hammer for the pinfall victory.

Dan the Dad defeats Kody Lane – No Disqualification – Loser Leaves the Neighborhood – 10:05

  • Dan used a figure four submission to win the match. Kody Lane must leave the neighborhood.

Josh Alexander defeats Warhorse – 15:06

  • Josh Alexander used a double underhook piledriver for the pinfall victory.

Mike Outlaw defeats Bryan Keith – Crown of Glory Championship – 14:33

  • Outlaw retains his championship with a surprise modified jackknife pin for the win.

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